Operation Center

Our Operation Center module aggregates data to seamlessly manage your workforce, reduce labor costs, generate forecasts and support smart real-time decision-making.

Manage Your Staff With Ease

Add, Manage and Edit employees as well as their permissions of what they can access in the SALIDO OS. Easily add them to multiple locations if need be.

Update Your Menu On The Fly

Need to update the menu across all locations? No problem. Need to 86 avocados at specifically the Miami location? You can do that too.

Manage Multiple Locations

Multi unit management and location setup saves you time and keeps things easy. Duplicate existing settings easily or set specifics for particular locations all in one place.

Eliminate Unnecessary Paperwork

Sales Reports, Customer Receipts, Employee profiles and more. No more folders, filing cabinets, and binders. Export and save files without having to jump from platform to platform.

Time Card Management

Add and edit shift with ease from anywhere. Employee forgot to clock out for their break? NO problem.

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