Kitchen Display System

The Kitchen Display System allows for the execution of best procedures to maximize operations. By saving time, reducing errors, and increasing meal quality, the KDS ultimately improves the guest experience.

Better Kitchen Communication

Flag an order to your fellow kitchen staff keeping everyone in the know. A lot less yelling in an already heated environment.

Organized "All Day" View

See your current outstanding items across all orders in one place. Eliminate missing items from orders and keep your kitchen organized and efficient.

Declutter Your Kitchen

Join the 21st century and get rid of paper tickets, No more losing tickets or trying to decipher a server’s messy handwriting.

Prioritize Orders With Ease

Clear and customizable order status indicators. Order timer, Color indicators, and the ability to track item statuses across prep stations.

Never Lose A Ticket Again

Recall previous orders, see your whole day’s order history, and do away with storing boxes of paper tickets and clutter.

Alert Guests Via Text

Eliminate the need for an order number board or making your staff yell out names. Have a guest be texted when their order is ready for pickup.

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