Advanced Reporting

The cloud-based reporting engine provides in-depth and dynamic insights for operators to fully comprehend their business and identify areas of focus to increase profits.

Manage Anywhere Anytime

With our cloud based system as long as you have internet access and web browser you can see what’s going on in your restaurants wherever you are.

Get The Full Picture

Comparative reports across specific data metrics. Put our system to work for your specific needs. Collate information from multiple locations for a broad comparison or really drill in to see what is happening hour by hour in your top grossing location.

Real Time Data

No waiting for next day results or closeout reports to be run. Up to date information you can export, email, and share how you see fit.

The Numbers Don't Lie

Full transaction audits and reports. See which day you’re killing it vs which night should you probably cut the staff early. What’s selling? What’s not? Plan for the future with data backing up your choices.

Automate Your Work

Get rid of manual time consuming tasks. Save and schedule to run automatically at the dates & times you need it most.

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